Direction, administration, and control of the Silicon Valley chapter of IFMA are determined by a functional set of processes, customs, policies, laws, and institutions, which account for the relationships amongst stakeholders involved in our chapter and the goals we strive to realize.

Members, sponsors, IFMA Headquarters, and the board of directors comprise our principal stakeholders, a group which extends to include the facilities management community at large.

We strive to ensure that the Board and committee volunteers execute the strategy stipulated by our members, manage the funds provided by members and sponsors wisely, and follow those policies, standards, and procedures set by IFMA Headquarters as illustrated in the diagram below.

IFMA-SV applies the Balanced Scorecard system to effectively manage our activities and provide members and sponsors with the highest possible return on investment.



Chapter Leadership takes steps to keep our activities aligned with our mission and vision, as well as help you advance your career, by reviewing and updating our Balanced Scorecard every month. Centered on the axiom of 3E (Expanded Education, Exciting Events, and Operational Excellence), the Balanced Scorecard has become the management tool that we use to monitor, measure, and update our performance year-round.