The history of IFMA-SV reflects a long-standing commitment to the sustainable efforts of Silicon Valley. As the preeminent resource for the Facilities professional community, our non-profit organization has been facilitating positive change and innovation for over thirty years. It has been not just our responsibility, but our distinct honor and privilege to mentor, inform, and demonstrate best practices specifically in the areas of:

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Efficient Water, Energy & Waste Operations
  • Flexible Design
  • Building Services

This foundation has evolved and upheld Silicon Valley’s brand as “ground zero for innovation and leadership”. We are proud to function in an industry offering unparalleled challenges and opportunities; our unique responsibilities in the built environment render us the real, true first responders, a vital role to the success of any business or community.


Empowering the Next Generation

Our ongoing sustainability efforts prioritize recruiting, training, and mentoring for a new generation of diverse individuals valuing social responsibility. We have developed and implemented several programs designed to support the growing need to bring fresh energy into the built environment. Mentorship programs in coordination with our diversity & scholarship initiatives allow valuable input and resources from industry leaders to get up close and personal with who need it. Please refer to our Scholarships page for more information and a closer look at our programs.

Focus on Environmental Neutrality

We know we preach to the choir, but we like our voice….Advocating for environmental neutrality has brought IFMA-SV credibility and authority on the subject. Many of the world’s leading experts in practical application and cutting edge techniques for reducing energy, water and waste are prominent IFMA-SV members. It has always been the “facility way” to look at people, planet and profit with every project. We love being the first kids on the block to bring to the global table what can help the planet thrive. We coordinate several opportunities a year to focus on the newest, best and most practical ways to save money, reduce waste and make the working environment more enjoyable for everyone. Please check out our Events Calendar for upcoming events and to get involved.

Commitment to Best Practices

As part of our ongoing educational offerings, best practices and cutting-edge innovation are strategically highlighted in our Monthly Chapter Meetings and tactically addressed at our Round Table Sessions. Expert-authored industry newsletters & white papers and one-of-a-kind Facilities Focus Groups offer all our members opportunities for real-time interaction and input on the latest standards from seasoned professionals. We view best practices as the starting line for all our members to know, internalize, and then improve upon. To learn more about our focused programs, please visit our Focus Groups page

Ensuring Resilience in Our Community

We are the first, first responders. As a facility professional, you possess the unique advantage of workplace resiliency; it’s encoded in your business DNA to master change, thrive under pressure, and bounce back from any setback that comes your way. At IFMA-SV, we teach and embody values of self-reliance and social responsibility that translates into reinvestment into the community with a special “facilities flare.” From emergency preparedness training to Rebuilding Together weekends, we are committed to seeking out innovative means that at once support the community, expand your career, and foster self-reliance. For a more detailed look at what we do and how you can help, please see our Community Outreach page.