IFMA Silicon Valley Chapter Mentoring Program

Among the free benefits to or members and to scholarship recipients is a formal nine-month mentoring program. Mentees (regardless of age) are paired with Mentors who are seasoned professionals in our chapter. The program focuses on career development and best practices in FM. The program assists facility managers with less experience explore career goals and/or enhance their skill set and understanding of FM to achieve their greatest potential. It also offers students within our diverse communities’ exposure to the world of FM to assist them in pursuing an FM career.

The mentee and mentor pairs meet for a one-on-one meeting in person or by phone for 2 hours per month and attend several mentoring group meetings that bring them together to share, network and hear speakers on topics pertaining to career advancement.

Mentees and Mentors can join the program at the speed mentoring kick-off meeting in March (see events calendar for exact dates). To learn more about the Mentoring Program, please download the Mentoring Program Brochure.

If you are interested in joining the program as either a Mentee or a Mentor, please download and fill out the Mentee or Mentor Application Form.  Email the application form to our chapter administrator at and you will be contacted by one our mentoring program coordinators.

“I joined the mentoring program because of my desire to transition into the field of facilities management. I am proud to say that I have successfully done so and that I am the new director of facilities at a major company. My mentor was very helpful in providing insights into FM and advising me prior to my interview with the company. I just wanted to thank IFMA for all the help and for referring me to the mentoring program.”

Mentoring Program Brochure (PDF)

IFMA- SV Mentee Application Form (PDF)

IFMA-SV Mentor Application Form (PDF)

IFMA- SV Mentoring Program Mutual Agreement (PDF)

IFMA-SV Mentee Action Plan (PDF)