Diversity and Inclusion Web Series- Part 2: DEIB (Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging)

Date(s) - 05/12/2021
11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Synopsis of Program: All parts of the DEIB IFMA-SV series are self-contained events, but you are encouraged to catch all four (4). Part I focused on Age Diversity and is available to watch at ifmasv.org.  Part II in the series will be led by Jessica Bantom, DEIB Officer at Steele Strategies who has designed a program especially tailored for the Silicon Valley Chapter of IFMA. It is designed to provide a high-level overview of diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging and give us all a chance to flex our empathy muscles to appreciate the importance of inclusion in our organizations. Video on the entire time and an active breakout session.

What are the top 3 key points/takeaways from the presentation

  1. What is DEIB?
  2. An inclusion exercise
  3. How to build a stronger team through inclusion.


Jessica Bantom– Director of Operations/Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Officer & Consultant at Steele Strategies

Jessica Bantom is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) practitioner and workplace strategist whose goals are to help organizations develop customized strategies for transformational change and to enable individuals to take immediate action to become more inclusive. She is a skilled consultant with over 20 years of experience, a speaker, and a certified facilitator and coach with a passion for helping people and organizations reach their full potential and actualize the values of inclusion and belonging from the work team up to the enterprise level.

Jessica is the Director of Operations and DEIB Officer at Steele Strategies, providing key leadership and strategic direction in the development and integration of DEIB practices in all aspects of the consulting firm’s business. A graduate of the University of Virginia and Marymount University, she is also active in the interior design industry as an interior design and color consultant and as an engaged volunteer committed to promoting DEIB in the profession.




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