IFMA-SV transforms the world of facility management into a community of working partners.

IFMA-SV represents, supports and unites the largest community of facility management practitioners, consultants, educators, students, and product and service providers in the industry.

Through research efforts, educational programs and resources, professional certification, a network of chapters and councils, and global professional development events, IFMA assists corporate and organizational facility managers in developing strategies to manage human, facility and real estate resources.

Joining the Silicon Valley chapter of IFMA provides IFMA members with additional benefits, including:

  • Discounts to most chapter events
  • Access to chapter generated research and information, specifically geared for Silicon Valley
  • Opportunities to meet peers, suppliers and potential customers in Silicon Valley
  • Delivery of our award-winning newsletter
  • Access to our members’ intranet site
  • Opportunities to learn and grow in your profession by volunteering to help plan and participate in our numerous exciting events
  • Access to our membership list
  • A copy of our annual membership directory