“It may sound cliché when I say that IFMA-SV has changed my life, but the network of folks I have met and continue to interact with on a monthly if not weekly basis paired with the educational offerings, including the Facility Management Professional course that I completed and Certified Facility Manager credential that I am working toward has allowed me to pursue my passion and find my place in the Facilities world.  It is rare that you find an organization filled with so many passionate, good hearted, giving, not to mention fun professionals.  The Mentor/Mentee program, educational courses offered, the Roundtable luncheons and frequent events, including Chapter meetings and Community Outreach events, allow for the perfect mix.  IFMA-SV gives me the opportunity to give back and hopefully help others to achieve their goals, as this network of professionals has helped me both personally and professionally.”

Cristina Avila, FMP, Facilities Planning and Project Manager – Fenwick & West LLP


The CFM certification is looked upon as a positive accomplishment and is supported by my management. The CFM test is about mindset so it is best to take the CFM Review class right before you take the test. The CFM credential helped set me apart from the other candidates who were interviewing for the same job position.”

– Bryce Reynolds, CFM, CFMJ,  Facilities Manager – McAfee


“Impec Group is not what it is today if not for our deep association with IFMA both at the National and Chapter level.

Our mission to be a one-stop service provider for FM services targeting the small and medium size enterprises in the corporate world, specifically the life science, high tech, education and government facilities was defined and refined with the  insights and lessons learned from IFMA’S  outstanding educational programs  and network of smart facility professionals. I personally benefited from achieving the FMP credential which I now mandate to be a requirement for every member of the Impec executive team.

– Raffy Espiritu, FMP,  President & CEO – Impec Group- Past IFMA SV President


“Facilities professionals have a lot of great training opportunities available to us. In 2012, I decided to pursue IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) certification. To do that I enrolled in a class that was offered in our area and taught by our esteemed instructor, Larry Morgan. This curriculum and class are the best, most valuable training available for the facilities professional. Everyone who is serious about facilities management as a profession needs to take this class and earn this credential”.

Ed Novak, CFM, SFP,  Sr. Facilities Planning and Program Manager – Facilities First


“I find the meetings the best place to meet people and start building future business relationships with them.”

– Carmen Jiron, President – InnerScape


IFMA, An Investment In Time
A wise man once said, “The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words: I did not have time.“  Everyone’s time is so very precious and we make daily decisions where to spend our time in order to yield successful returns.  Like many other professionals weaving their way through the multitude of professional organizations, my attendance in countless other organizations has waxed and waned, however IFMA has been a constant for the past five years.  
IFMA has provided me the opportunities to increase my personal and professional brands through networking, education and leadership opportunities.  When I first joined our local Silicon Valley Chapter, my Company, Eat My Dust, Inc., was in its infancy, and my practical knowledge of the Facility Manager’s role and how this profession interacted with all of the other service providers was, at best, marginal.  By attending monthly meetings, attending round table luncheons, and actively networking at IFMA events, my knowledge of the FM world grew tremendously and now, five years later, I am better able to articulate my value as a service provider to a wider audience.  
Seeing the correlation of time invested and professional gain, I made the decision to invest even more time in IFMA by joining the Professional Development Committee (PDC).  The PDC, under the current leadership of Jim Zuiderhoek and Anne Merrill, is a fantastic place to understand how IFMA works, how meetings are setup, and how to gain the most out of your IFMA membership.  I have personally set up numerous lunch and monthly meetings and feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with a variety of talented presenters.  The value I was receiving while volunteering at IFMA strongly influenced my Company’s decision to become a Silver Sponsor (now for the third year) and my personal decisions to obtain my FMP credentials and participate in the mentoring program as both a mentor and mentee.  

The leadership opportunities that have been afforded to me by IFMA could have only come from the trust and commitment that I have demonstrated, as a result of my time and energy investment.  This year I was privileged to be elected to the IFMA Board.   This year our Board has already made its mark with the rollout of new technologies and programs.  As my involvement and time commitment continues, I will continue to be energized about what lies ahead for IFMA, and expect only bigger and better returns for both my personal and professional brands.  Finding the time to get involve is a choice, as another wise man said, “You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” 

-Russ Goldin, President – Eat My Dust Janitorial